What is The FYD?

When I was younger, I had a totally healthy obsession with The Princess Diaries. I read all of the books and watched the movies on a weekly basis with my grandma (a.k.a. Gee) because we were really convinced that I was Mia and she was Grandma Clarice. Since, I have kept enough diaries to make Princess Mia keel over. In my prime, these diaries were Lisa Frank brand and Harry Potter-themed. As I’ve gotten older, I found that there was less and less time for me to write and more and more time for fro-yo (not even kidding). I was losing my drive to write when I should have been pushing it. If I could make time for Saturday brunch and 9pm fro-yo, then I could make time to write about it.

Let’s face it–fro-yo is not only taking over commercial real estate but is, indeed, taking over our adolescence. We love fro-yo and that’s a straight up fact. So, I figured, why not write about it? I wanted to write about life and stupid things like relationships and shopping and social media and basically how to function when everyone wears Jeffrey Campbell shoes the size of my head and if you don’t like sushi you’re a social outcast (making me a social outcast).

Why The FYD? Because I have to abbreviate everything, obv.

This, to put it simply, is the evolution of 3,000 calorie Friendly’s ice cream sundaes into fat-free euro tart with a hint of mochi. It is the gradual change of my glow in the dark gel pens to my MacBook keyboard.

These are the fro-yo diaries.