FY-DJ: A Merry Little Christmas


I love Christmas, I love good music, and I love good Christmas music. No matter what you’re doing this Christmas Eve, whether it involve Chinese food, a big ol’ ham (very mutually exclusive from the Chinese food crowd), Grammy and her unironic ugly sweater vest, The Interview on YouTube, or an open bar, The FY-DJ’s Christmas Eve playlist will suit your music needs. Literally, I made it so that you could play it in the background during your family dinner or in the background while you’re festively hooking up with someone in the bathroom. It’s made to go well with candles.

“Filthy Animals,” the sassy, scandalous, and mysterious name I chose for the playlist, has Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and Ella Fitzgerald (my faves) as well as The Head and the Heart, The Shins, and three separate versions of “Happy Christmas (War is Over), amongst other great songs. Have yourselves a merry little Christmas, and remember to wear your outfits boldly and un-ironically. The “ugly Christmas sweater” is ruining high fashion as we know it. My entire wardrobe is on the same wavelength as an ugly Christmas sweater. At Thanksgiving, my cousin told me that my white turtleneck and high waisted red pleated skirt made me look like Santa Claus. Wrong holiday.

Love, your favorite Jewish Christmas FY-DJ.

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