Shit You Should Read: Kanye, Kim, & Fro-Yo



I’m not going to put myself out there and claim that I’ve always been the biggest Kanye fan, because I haven’t. However, I do not tell a lie when I say that over the past two years, my infatuation has grown like a pregnant Kim Kardashian’s ass.

I didn’t always love fro-yo, either. Back in the day when the only frozen yogurt in close proximity to my house was the Tasti-D-Lite one town over, yogurt was more of an acquaintance than a good lesbian crush. My mom was obsessed with Tasti D, as we penned the nickname, and I tried to be, too. However, my bowels repeatedly fought back, every time, without fail. Tasti D went in one place and out the other in a matter of minutes. Kapish?

With the expanded breadth of fro-yo stores and the release of Watch the Throne, followed by the undefeatable Yeezus, my digestive system and my musical likings both developed tastes for fro-yo and Kanye, respectively. Now it seems, funny as it is, that all the while, Kanye and fro-yo were fondling a nice little love for each other. Alas, a love triangle to top all others.

My friend, a fellow Kanye fan and lactose intolerant like myself, sent me the most appropriate Buzzfeed post of all time, which encompasses my life’s most recent obsessions: Kanye West, and frozen yogurt. You may as well have put Lena Dunham and slutty brownies in a photograph and called it a lifetime. All I can say is that I’m feeling pretty #blessed that I had a kale, banana, and almond butter smoothie today. Otherwise, I’d have a craving that would send me running for 16 Handles the hills right now .

*Note: I was slightly disappointed that Buzzfeed thinks it’s ok to display photos of Kanye & Kim with ice cream in a post falsely titled as a “Love of Fro-Yo”
*Another note: Also, v important, THEY’RE COMING OUT WITH MORE EMOJIS, IF YA HAVEN’T HEARD !!!!!!!!!!!!

Images via Buzzfeed.