We Got A Makeover, And It’s Pretty Effing Chic

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Jambo, and welcome to the new and improved Fro-Yo Diaires! We got a makeover, people. It is very exciting, it is very “neat-looking,” as my mom describes it, and it is very hip. It’s like the Regina George’s mom of website re-launches, but much less tacky and much less plastic surgery. However, we do still promote hump day treats, safe sex, and the like. The FYD is still simple, still full of the short, stubby legs I have been #blessed with since birth (check out that logo), and still full of the same old content you’ve either learned to love or loved to hate (or any other feeling you have that didn’t sound quite as nifty here).

Have fun hovering over the drop-down menu items with that sparking mouse arrow you downloaded in 2006. Listen to some Sigur Ros under the aesthetic pleasure of the sick image displays. Don’t miss a thang and follow me on Bloglovin by clicking on that cartoon girl’s boob. Make your merry way through the slideshow gallery displaying all of my latest posts, and click on those photos to read! read! read more!

Hope you’re as excited about it as I am, as I currently hibernate in #nomakeup wearing my Juicy sweatpants. It’s a Monday night, baby, and I’m alive!!!!!! Also, photo creds to my 11 year old brother.

Peace, love, & eternal fro-yo,

  • http://gabriellesantoinette.com Gabby

    LOVE the makeover. I’d agree that it is chic as fuck. Looking forward to whatever else is to come on the FYD. <3

  • http://www.sunshineandsinatra.com Rachel

    Hi! I am thankful I just found your blog from HCBN – fellow Jew. I cannot be in love with your blog any more! I always freaking love reading blogs and discovering bloggers with a kickass sense of humor. I also Facebook stalked and we have mutual friends – I’m from jersey too! South though. Ok, done being creepy but cant wait to follow along!